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About us

Birthed by 5 Entrepreneurs with over a century of experience in their repertoire spanning across finance, real estate, advisory, hospitality, education, manufacturing and trading; FEDHA CAPITAL is a sector-agnostic venture capital firm based in Nigeria.

Our goal is to aid forward-thinking entrepreneurs in building the products of tomorrow with focus on early stage (Seed and Series A) companies and with the Spark Fund targeted at seed stage companies, we have put together a pool of resources, collaborating with like-minded entrepreneurs to bring to fruition our dream of putting forth a series of solutions to the financial and capital-intensive problems Africa faces today.

mission statement

To motivate communities in Nigeria and Africa by investing in efficient, forward- thinking entrepreneurs with interest in building tomorrow’s products today

vision statement

To be the preferred financial partner for Seed Investment and early growth capital amongst Entrepreneurs and their start-ups within sub-Saharan Africa.

company values

The FEDHA CAPITAL brand stands behind the motivation for success and pride in the overzealous nature of young Africans constantly striving for a better tomorrow; this is the FIRE beneath our boosters. Our values are;

Seeing an idea into a lasting product is a journey that requires strength of character and resilience in the face of constant challenges. As an organisation, we never back down from a challenge and however wrong we might be at the end of the road, we always see all commitments through. Mistakes today only paves the way for better decision making tomorrow.
Discovering new methods to solve today’s complex issues remains our core mantra. Innovation in the face of adversity is the fuel to drive Africa to becoming the business powerhouse it is meant to be.
Beyond Seed Investment, Entrepreneurs in their respective fields need guidance and the assurance that they will not be left stranded at points of inconvenience.
We take pride in our ability to seek opportunities, our bravery to seize them, our creativity to execute and our discipline to see them through.

Most Venture Capitalists think returns; at FEDHA CAPITAL, Solutions, People, Partnership and Values remains the FIRE that drives our rationale. Leveraging on up-to-date technology to provide uncommon solutions to common problems is the promise.

We Give Back!

At FEDHA CAPITAL, we believe in giving back. We have pledged 1% of our management fee and realized profits to funding causes within our community with specific focus on education, healthcare and inclusion.


In the spirit of keeping true to our brand promise, the following are a few of the brand we have helped light a FIRE that shot their products up in the air for everyone to see –


A dynamic group of individuals who have taken it upon themselves to see that every agile business-minded and forward thinking African achieves all they set out to.


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