About Us

We are

Fedha Capital Limited

A venture capital firm for early-stage start-ups (Seed and Series A).

Our Values

The Fedha Capital brand stands behind the motivation for success and pride in the overzealous nature of young Africans constantly striving for a better tomorrow; this is the FIRE beneath our boosters. Our values are;


Seeing an idea into a lasting product requires strength and resilience in the face of challenges. We never back down and always see our commitments through; today's mistakes only pave the way for better decision making tomorrow.


Discovering new methods to solve today’s complex issues remains our core mantra. Innovation in the face of adversity is the fuel to drive Africa to becoming the business powerhouse it is meant to be.


Beyond Seed Investment, Entrepreneurs in their respective fields need guidance and the assurance that they will not be left stranded at points of inconvenience.


We take pride in our ability to seek opportunities, our bravery to seize them, our creativity to execute and our discipline to see them through.


Most Venture Capitalists think returns; at Fedha Capital, Solutions, People, Partnership and Values remains the FIRE that drives our rationale. Leveraging on up-to-date technology to provide uncommon solutions to common problems is the promise.


In the spirit of keeping true to our brand promise, the following are a few of the brand we have helped light a FIRE that shot their products up in the air for everyone to see

Showlove is a social platform specialising in fun and simple ways for users to request, give and receive gift vouchers, deal coupons and cash.

Founded in April of 2016, Bitmama started out as a P2P digital currency exchange. It quickly grew into a platform where traders buy and sell with new digital currencies like bitcoin and ethereum.

L&L Foods is a food processing and packaging company in Nigeria. They specialise in sourcing agricultural produce from local farmers and transforming them into quality snacks. L&L Foods’ maiden line of products is a brand of sugar-coated groundnuts called “Mr. Ekpa”.

At Spleet, we offer access to premium residential solutions with options of daily, monthly and quarterly and biannual subscription. Once you find a space you like, simply create a booking along with a few details about yourself. This request is then processed within a few hours.


At Fedha Capital, we believe in giving back. We have pledged 1% of our management fee and realized profits to funding causes within our community with specific focus on education, healthcare and inclusion.